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If you want to connect with the widest possible audience, you need powerful online marketing that utilizes targeted Search Engine Optimization and robust Social Media Marketing to lead prospective customers to your website, along with optimized Web Design to engage visitors and drive them through your sales pipeline.

With more than a decade of experience helping clients attain a leadership position in their respective industries, Place1SEO has proven that we can promote your organization across markets, build enduring relationships with customers and business partners, and elevate your profile so that your brand becomes synonymous with expertise and authority. Trust us to make your company the industry leader it deserves to be.


Custom Website Design that captures visitors from a multitude of platforms. Our Mobile-friendly, responsive designs combine cutting edge technical brilliance with stunning aesthetic appeal.

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Placing you at the top of Local and Targeted Search Rankings is our foremost priority. Using our incisive understanding of search algorithms, we can help you achieve the ranking that will help you find your target market.

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Engaging online communities is how we connect with potential clients, build your reputation, and enhance your visibility. Our skillful management of social media can produce an immediate and oversized response using an array of techniques.

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Medical – Dental – Aesthetic - Wellness

You Are a Leader – Promote Your Expertise

You are providing a valuable service to your community, whether you are a physician, dentist, plastic surgeon or aesthetician, so your services should be promoted as strongly and broadly as possible. At our SEO company, we understand how special your organization is, and we want your community to share our gratitude. That is why we will work tirelessly to promote your business to new patients, business partners, and employable professionals—everyone who can benefit from your organization.

We currently operate in Fort Myers and Naples and have partnered with countless medical and cosmetic organizations to engineer their path to a premier position within their industries and local communities. You possess unique skills, knowledge and services that can improve the lives of your clientele, and we will craft a strategy that will communicate that uniqueness to your target market. Whether it is healing an injury, enhancing one’s appearance, or providing a place to relax, you want to showcase your special services in a way that will set you above your competitors. Find out what our web design agency can do for you!

Place1SEO -Online Marketing Company

Place1SEO for your medical practice marketing or business SEO. Using strategies like Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing, and brand awareness. Optimize your website, video and social media for online marketing.

Get a Greater Return on Your Marketing Investment

You want a marketing program that is cost effective, so at Place1SEO, we can tailor an online marketing solution that meets your needs without crippling your operating budget. We can offer our services at a competitive rate because we are confident that once you see the results, you will remain with us. We also understand that a reputation as the “marketing firm that delivers” has a value all in itself.

You know that marketing is the key to building a successful medical practice or business, and we understand you want the best possible marketing partner—one who respects what you do and shares that effectively. At Place1SEO, we cherish learning about your organization and how you serve others, so that we can customize a winning promotional plan for you. Our expert staff of technical and creative specialists will analyze your organization and regional market to craft a strategy that hits all the right points and speaks to all the right people. Contact us today, and discover for yourself why Place1SEO is one of the most sought after firms in the medical marketing field.

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