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Streamlining Your Online Presence

Place1SEO provides clients with a complete solution for managing their online presence and significantly boosting their online marketing efforts. We provide the full slate of web management and marketing services, including website development, social media marketing, Google My Business management, PPC advertising, online listings, local SEO, and everything else a business could need to assert its online presence and grow its marketing channels.

Our user-friendly, all-in-one client portal lets our dealers manage all elements of their website and online marketing initiatives with push-button ease, which lets them focus on day-to-day needs of managing their business. Through our client portal, dealers can sign up for services, make changes to services, request website revisions, input products and prices on their website, review billing information, and more. The portal also lets clients keep close track of our online marketing efforts, with up-to-date reporting on customer web traffic and related online marketing metrics.

Our extensive experience in website development and online marketing, combined with a longstanding collaboration with foodservice supply industry companies, gives Place1SEO an edge in tailoring websites and online marketing efforts unique to the specific needs of our clients and their customers.
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Our Mission

To develop, position and grow online marketing channels that are easily managed, customer friendly, and allow our clients to focus on day-to-day operations.

Place1SEO's Leadership

Kari Whittemore, Founder of Place1SEO

Kari Whittemore

Kari Whittemore is the founder of Place1SEO. Originally from New York, she received her BS in accounting and MBA from Florida Gulf Coast University. Kari has dedicated her career to guiding small businesses to develop strategic business solutions that enhance cross functional performance and steer teams to exceed expected goals. She has a strong background in team building and management, finance growth strategy, and proven expertise at utilizing software applications as a tool to successfully surpass business objectives. Kari values demonstrating her management and team-building experiences with others by speaking at events and conferences.

Randy Wigginton, software engineer

Randy Wigginton

A life-long Californian, Randy Wigginton is a noted Silicon Valley software engineer who currently serves as director of platform engineering at Square. Randy began his software engineering career in 1976 as employee #6 of the Apple Computer Company, the tech giant now more commonly known as Apple Inc. While with Apple, Randy helped with the circuit design, ROM software, and read/write track-sector code for the Apple II computer, and was instrumental in creating MacWrite, Full Impact, and dozens of other Mac applications. Since leaving Apple in the Mid-1980s, Randy has worked as a software engineer for several other Silicon Valley tech companies, including eBay, Google, Chegg, and, for the past eight years, Square.

The Team

Nic Monette, account manager

Nic Monette

Account Manager
Read Nic's Bio

Nic is our client account manager. He walks clients through the process of website development and guides them toward the marketing services that are most suited for furthering their business goals. He works hard for our clients, always striving to provide the best level of service possible. Nic has earned a Bachelors of Science from the University of Central Florida. When he's not on the phone or at his desk, Nic enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Brianna website production manager

Brianna Marshel

Website Production Manager
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Brianna oversees website development and production at Place1SEO. She began with Place1 as a website design intern and was hired on full-time after her graduation from Florida Gulf Coast University. She now works as our Website Production Manager, overseeing workflow efficiency and end result quality for our client's websites.

Prior to entering the digital world, Brianna was a member of the foodservice industry for six years. She held nearly every restaurant job - from prep chef to dishwasher to server – this makes her intimately familiar with the needs of restauranteurs. That experience is invaluable for the task of building foodservice supply websites. As a Naples native, Brianna’s very favorite pastime is spending the day at the beach!

Andrea product catalog manager

Andrea Wigginton

Product Catalog Manager
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Andrea began working for Place1SEO remotely in Los Angeles, CA. After being hired full time as Product Catalog Manager, she moved to Florida to join the team officially in late 2020. Having graduated from Pepperdine University in 2018 with a BA in International Management & Philosophy, Andrea is passionate about building relationships with those she works with, as well as improving functionality and fluidity within the company. On the side, Andrea is a singer/songwriter and is under the stage name of Drea Jeann.

Martin Vickery, web design

Martin Vickery

Imagery & Design
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Martin began working for Place1SEO after graduating from the University of Central Florida. Starting out from a background in video and film production, Martin specializes in all things related to the end user's experience - imagery, design, and writing. At Place1SEO, he oversees the design of sleek, beautiful websites that are as pleasant to look at as they are easy and intuitive to use, with a focus on functionality across all mobile devices. When Martin is not at work, he enjoys cycling, kayaking, and playing the guitar.

Heather Hubbard, social media

Heather Hubbard

Social Media & Office Manager
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Heather's work entails building and executing catered social media strategies and strong visual content to meet the unique goals of our clients. She enjoys the rewarding challenges inherent in online marketing, and helping small and local businesses reach their potential share of the online marketplace. Heather studied photography and design at the University of Central Florida. In her free time, she likes to practice yoga, and spend time with family and friends.

Martin Vickery, web design

Katherine Booker

Digital Marketing Manager
Read Katherine's Bio

Katie manages digital advertising for clients. From research to creation to optimization, she works to keep accounts running smoothly and meeting goals. Her favorite aspect of her job is research and reporting, she likes to find answers to why data is the way it is. Katie graduated from Florida State University, having studied public relations and business. In her free time, she likes to find new hiking and kayaking adventures in and around Tallahassee.

Austin Holm, Analytics Manager

Austin Holm

Analytics & Reporting
Read Austin's Bio

Austin guides businesses to trust and understanding of their data through intuitive visualizations and reporting. Working with businesses ranging from local b2b to international retail, he seeks to provide clarity in data insights that are actionable for stakeholders. A native of Tallahassee, Florida, Austin spent his schooling days in New York City, pursuing a career in classical music performance. In his free-time, he is an avid golfer, cook and fisherman. 

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