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Since its founding, Place1SEO has steadily risen in the ranks of the marketing community, both here in our native Naples, FL as well as the greater South. As we have taken on a larger leadership role, we recognize that marketing is about more than competition—we have a responsibility to share our expertise with potential clients, other marketers, and the business community. At Place1SEO, we understand that moving the entire marketing field forward is more than a powerful way to help ourselves, it creates rich rewards for everyone engaged in commerce.

Our blog is the ideal forum to share our insights with you. We will collect the most valuable marketing techniques that our firm and our marketing colleagues have generated and offer them to you so that you too can benefit from them, whether you are an executive at a major ad agency or the owner of a small business. Our articles should provide strategies that create the greatest benefit for your organization for a minimal amount of effort, so we hope you make visiting our blog a habit.

Modern marketing is a combination of behavioral insight, promotional creativity and technical implementation, which is why our blog will offer an inside look at the creative process while also deconstructing the technological side of our business. We intend to provide a wide range of topics, from broad trends in our field to the technical minutiae that undergird successful online marketing. Marketing offers a sumptuous banquet of ideas, and you will be able to enjoy a multitude of them here.

Online Marketing for Plastic Surgeons

How to Get the Most from Your Online Marketing budget!

Online Marketing for Plastic Surgeons
Part1: Your website is a reflection of your practice

Website Design tells your story

Does your website need a Facelift?

Your website is a reflection of you and your practice. Visitors to your website should be able to get a feel for your practice just by clicking through the website pages.

Why NAP Consistency Should Be a Pillar of Your Local SEO Strategy

SEO Company advice for local online marketing

Why NAP Consistency Should Be a Pillar of Your Local SEO Strategy

The Importance of Business Information

There are a lot components of local search engine optimization that may seem basic, so basic that you can easily overlook them. One of these is Name, Address, Phone (NAP) consistency. Of course, you know that you want the same NAP information across the web, but you may not understand why and the damage you are doing to your local Search Engine Optimization success if you are not consistent.

Social Media Advertising

Why You Can't Afford to Miss Out

Social Media Advertising

We’re all familiar with the most common ads we see while browsing the web. From the paid search ads when we’re using Google to the dreaded popups on suspicious websites. One ad you may or may not be familiar with is the targeted social media advertisement.

You can trust that if you’re seeing an advertisement on Facebook or Twitter, you fall into a very specific category for marketers. There are hundreds of options that can be as broad as “Individuals 18-32 within 25 miles of my business” all the way to “individuals 18-60 making over $100,000 a year who are interested in model year 2008 hatchbacks”. I’m sure you can see the potential for your own business in this wealth of options for targeted marketing.

Get a Greater Return on Your Marketing Investment

You want a marketing program that produces consistent results. At Place1SEO we will tailor an online marketing solution that meets your business objective while staying within your marketing budget. We offer competitive rates for marketing plans which include disciplined processes that produce results. You know that online marketing is the key to building a successful business or medical practice. We strive to provide your company with the best possible marketing partnership, one who take the time to learn about your particular business practices. At Place1SEO, we cherish learning about your organization and how you serve others, so that we can customize a winning promotional plan for you. Our expert staff of technical and creative specialists will analyze your organization and regional market to craft a strategy that hits all the right points and speaks to all the right people. Contact us today, and discover for yourself why Place1SEO is one of the most sought after firms in the medical marketing field.

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