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3 New Google Ad Features

3 Google Ad Features Geared For The New Decade

Google is always providing new, innovative ways to advertise online—here are a few of the trends that emerged in 2019 for the new decade ahead!

Lead Form Extension Ads

Where Are These Ads Seen: In Search Campaigns on Mobile + Tablet Devices

What Do These Ads Do: Create a form-fill call-to-action for customers to reach your business, without needing to visit your website first. Users fill out preset fields you choose so that you can contact them in a way that suits your business model.

lead form

With the new Lead Extension Form, it's easier for users to contact businesses!

Google Discovery Ads

Where Are These Ads Seen: Google Discover Feed, Gmail, and YouTube

What Do These Ads Do: Creates dynamic ads based on where they are being served online. These visually impactful ads blend in with the app being used for a seamless user experience. They utilize machine learning to improve delivery over time. This creates opportunities for Google’s data to serve ads with working knowledge such as search activity, YouTube watch behavior, and so on.

What’s Google Discover:

Google Discover is essentially an enhanced home page on your smart phone’s Google App. Reminiscent of a Facebook or Instagram news feed, users can customize their Discover Feed to news, trends etc. that they are interested in.

Week 5 3 new ads discovery ad sample

Examples of how ads look on YouTube, Google Discovery, and Gmail

While Google Discover is relatively new, Google claims over 800 million people use Discover monthly.

Google Discover has been around since 2016 and has held different names over the years such as “Google Feed.” In September 2019, Google began testing ad functionality in Discover, and has been expanding the opportunity to advertisers over the last few months.

Custom Affinity + Custom Intent = Custom Audiences

Custom Affinity – Ad targeting based on users hobbies and interests

Custom Intent – Ad Targeting based on what the user is actively searching and planning for

Custom Audiences

– Is the synthesis of these two methods of serving ads. This is like how you can create a custom audience with Facebook ads—but with more data and information for targeting with Google’s direct access to search data.

In other words, Google is getting smarter at serving ads across Google’s breadth of platforms and apps, from Gmail, to Google Search, YouTube and more!

Stay ahead of the competition in the new year. Google continues to develop new ways to utilize data and analysis to create a better ad experience for businesses online. Consult with Place1SEO today to see what kind of ad strategy we recommend for your business goals. Our team stays ahead of the latest trends in online advertising to deliver quality service to your business.

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