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Amazon integrates with Magento

Access to Amazon Sales Channel Enhanced for Magento eCommerce Users

As the world’s largest marketplace and an online presence marked by almost 45 percent of U.S. online retail sales, Amazon has become a crucial platform for eCommerce merchants. And the platform’s ability to allow eCommerce merchants to reach millions of customers recently got a boost, as Amazon updated its Sales Channel to accommodate Magento eCommerce users. While some Magento users were already listing products on Amazon, the Sales Channel extension for Magento provides direct integration between the world’s largest marketplace and one of the most popular eCommerce platforms.   

Place1SEO uses Magento to develop websites for its foodservice industry clients because of its ease of use, customizable eCommerce features, and ability to create visually beautiful and functionally powerful websites. In short, Place1SEO believes that the Magento platform offers the absolute best website features for its eCommerce clients. The new ability to seamlessly sell via Amazon gives Place1SEO clients that much more of a powerful eCommerce presence.     

How Does a Magento-Powered Website Integrate with Amazon?

The Amazon Sales Channel is a free downloadable extension for businesses using Magento Marketplace, Magento Commerce, and Magento Open Source versions 2.2.4 and later. While the extension itself is free, Magento users will need an Amazon Professional Sellers Account plan in order to integrate the features of Magento with the Amazon Sales Channel.

The Professional Sellers plan costs $39.99 per month, plus additional fees for referrals and closing costs from all sales. If your business was already selling items on Amazon then you already have a Sellers Account. With the Amazon Sales Channel, you will now be able to use your Magento website to track and better manage your Amazon-listed items.

Benefits Offered to Magento websites by Amazon Sales Channel

Administration of Amazon sales activity on your Magento-based platform is just one benefit of the Amazon-Magento Sales Channel integration. Other benefits include:

  • Ongoing synchronization of your product line with your Amazon store.
  • Amazon order management, shipping control, and customer profiling from your Magento platform.
  • Automated and dynamic pricing rule setting, which includes ability to adjust prices to meet or beat that of the lowest competitor, adjust prices according to your Magento-based site prices, and more.
  • Automated settings rules for product placement on Amazon.
  • Synchronized inventory level setting between your Magento site and Amazon store.
  • Import product details and images from Amazon for use on your Magento website.
  • Easily manage multiple Amazon stores according to product, sales region or other parameters from Magento.
  • Set B2B pricing and quantity discounts to more efficiently sell to other Amazon business customers.

Place1SEO's team is excited to explore the opportunities that this new integration feature can offer their Magento eCommerce clients in the coming months.

Consider Place1SEO for all of your Online Marketing Needs 

If you would like to learn more about how your Magento-based eCommerce business can benefit from integration with the Amazon Sales Channel, or would like to learn more about the power of a Magento-based eCommerce website, contact Place1SEO. Our southwest Florida-based online marketing team has a long-held track record of building beautiful and effective restaurant supply company eCommerce websites powered by Magento. Along with website development, we also launch and maintain online marketing campaigns that achieve solid, measurable results. From website development to full-service social media marketing and targeted campaigns, Place1SEO can boost your foodservice industry eCommerce business. Contact us today at 239.228.8837.

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