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Amazon Pay Overview & Benefits

Our website platform Magento, is a Premier Partner with Amazon Pay. As trends in shopping have given favor to eCommerce and online purchasing, we wanted to share more about the Payment Fulfillment options available. Amazon Pay is one of the Payment Fulfillment services most compatible with our modern eCommerce websites.

Another Payment Fulfillment service that works great with our websites is the PayPal PayFlow Merchant. We will share some of its benefits and features soon!

What Is Amazon Pay?

Amazon Pay is an online payment solution that aims to help connect your business to new shoppers with a seamless checkout experience. It provides you and your clients a secure, convenient checkout process, designed to simplify pay management, and help increase conversions and sales. Clients who login to your store with their Amazon account credentials quickly move through payment and shipping options they already have securely saved with Amazon. Customers can breeze through checkout quickly, safely, and securely since Amazon Pay is also backed with Amazon’s A-to-z Guarantee.

Solutions For An Array Of Businesses

Here is an overview of some of the transaction types available with Amazon Pay.

Immediate Charge – Immediately charge the customer after they have placed their order.

Deferred Payments – Capture payment from customer for later such as pre-orders, backorders, and online pick up in-store

Split Payment- Spread the total payment amount across multiple individual payments

Recurring Payments – Repeating payments with ability to charge a fixed or variable amount as need

One-off purchase with a subscription – For initiating a one-time purchase that includes a subscription

Refunds – Issue full or partial refunds against previously captured funds.

Benefits For Business Owners

There are many benefits as to why customers would prefer using Amazon Pay for checkout. Here are a few highlights of Amazon Pay’s benefits for business owners.

Fraud Detection & Prevention – Fraud protection services are easily available for your business

Customer Verification – With customers using the same login across multiple platforms, its easier to verify your customers with a single trusted login.

Transaction Fee Schedule –For domestic and U.S. transactions there is both a processing and authorization component. Click here to review their full fees schedule.

For web and mobile solutions their fee schedule is:

Domestic Processing Fee: 2.9%

Authorization Fee: $0.30

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