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The Benefits Of Blogging

The Benefits Of Blogging

Why Does my Website Need a Blog?

If you’ve never considered a blog for your business, you probably should! You may wonder why it’s worth the effort, but a regularly maintained blog can provide great benefits to your overall online health and can greatly improve your marketing efforts.

The top SEO benefits of writing a blog for your business

A regularly maintained blog can improve your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in a number of ways:

  • Adding new content consistently helps improve rank for targeted keywords
  • Including trending keywords in your blog posts can drive more traffic to your website
  • Answering specific questions with a blog post can help your website rank in the Q&A section of a Google search (featured snippet)
  • Linking content in your blog to other website pages can encourage visitor engagement

The efforts of a quality blog are cumulative. In addition to your growing readership base online, search engines like Google periodically crawl your website. When search engines notice your website is consistently providing thoughtful, keyword rich, relevant content every month, you can see a huge organic SEO boost.

Regularly maintained blogs can give your website a short-term benefit of boosting your website’s freshness, as well as the long-term benefit of increasing the total number of pages and keywords on your website over time. This visibility can in turn help more consumers find your website, which further improves your SEO and bottom line. These factors come together to make a solid, content-focused SEO strategy that a business can pursue.

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