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Tips For Website Marketing During The COVID-19 Crisis

Tips For Website Marketing During The COVID-19 Crisis

Stay Relevant and Reassure Your Customers by Staying Present in the Digital World

Communicate. Go beyond transactions, be empathetic and stay engaged. Now is not a time for the hard sell approach. Strengthen your relationship with customers by creating an empathetic, unified experience and deliver that message to your online community consistently.

Online Buying Patterns During These Uncertain Times and Going Forward

Trends. As we continue to adjust to the new norm of social distancing and remote working, we are faced with the challenge of how to reach our customers. Mobile device and online platforms are seeing a substantial rise as people rely on streaming and social media for entertainment, and eCommerce portals for shopping.

Does your website need to be updated to reflect the changes in buying habits as a result of the current economic climate?

Leverage Technology, Starting with Your Website

Adapt. Understanding new customer behavior will be the key to driving successful marketing campaigns in the future. Use your industry knowledge to go above and beyond to anticipate what your customers will need and put that to work on your website.

  • Customer Experience: Review the end-to-end sales process  
  • Product Selections: Select products and brands that reflect customer needs
  • Merchandising:  Decide which products to group and/or showcase
  • Sales Channels: Add sales channels such as GMB and Social Media

Remember: The Quarantine Won’t Last Forever


There’s no way to speculate when this crisis will come to an end, but we encourage you to prepare for the transition thoughtfully and proactively.

Schedule a meeting with Nic, our eStore account manager if you have any questions or wish to discuss ideas for your website. Our goal is to help your business grow by providing modern management tools for your workplace. Let’s work on a game plan for your business to emerge stronger, and let’s do that work together!


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