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Display Ads: Do They Work?

What is a Display Ad?

Think of the ads that appear at the top or bottom of the screen in mobile apps and games. Or how about the ads which appear on the sidebar of social media and news sites across the internet-- often showing you a product or service that you've viewed online recently. These are examples of display ads!

Display Ads and Indirect Sales

Now think: how often do you actually click on those ads? The answer for many is not often at all, and this begs the question: what makes display ads valuable for a business?
While display ads tend to have a very low CTR (click through rate), these ads have shown to be very useful in helping to bring about indirect sales.
  • Major purchasing decisions, such as commercial kitchen equipment purchases, tend to have a long buying cycle-- typically one month to a year. Once a customer has expressed interest in a product by viewing it online, continuing to remind them about the product through display ads increases their chances of returning to your website by 14%. Those who do return to your website are 15-20% more likely to make a purchase!
  • Display Ads can increase your foot traffic by reminding customers that you are just around the corner. Even if they do not click on the ad, you are succeeding in keeping your brand on their radar.
  • Brand recognition, retention and reliability are also incredibly important. Ads re-targeted to customers who have already expressed interest in your brand have led to a 1046% increase in branded search after four weeks of re-targeted ad exposure. It’s important to remind customers of your brand--and continue to remind them after their purchase. After all, repeat customers have the best ROI!
When evaluating your Display Advertisement keep in mind that although your ads may not bring as many direct sales from your website, they can bring back a previous searcher, increase your foot traffic and increase brand recognition.


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