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Showcase Popular Products On Your Facebook Page

Showcase Popular Products On Your Facebook Page

Listing products on social media is a great lead to get users on your website, or in your storefront. Use these opportunities to connect with clients and create impactful interactions. Today we share some insight on listing products on your Facebook business page.

Facebook’s Commerce Manager

Commerce Manager is Facebook’s set of tools for managing and selling products across Facebook and Instagram. It allows you to perform checkouts, manage inventory, orders, payouts and more, like an Amazon Seller account. Setting up your Commerce Manager allows your entity to sell across Facebook’s platforms. Commerce Manager can be set up by itself, or combined with a third-party ecommerce solution, like Magento or Shopify.

Consider featuring a few of your best-selling products on your Facebook Business Profile! It may help consumers find your site and storefront faster.

Commerce Manager Features:

Here a few highlights of why you may consider using Facebook to further promote your business:

  • Secure, simple onsite checkout
  • Access to bookkeeping, financial reports, payouts, and taxes
  • Readily available customer support
  • Security and privacy settings for your business
  • Customer insights
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Preview of Managing Facebook’s Catalog in Commerce Manager

Setting Up Commerce Manager

If you already manage an online store for your products, you are likely familiar with some of the documents required for setting up a Commerce Manager account. To get set up, you will need:

  • A business employee’s name, social security number, and birth date
  • A Federal Tax Identification Number
  • Business address
  • Business name, type, and category
  • Bank account and routing information
  • Business email
  • Return policies
  • Shipping options, additional fees, and delivery time frames

Manage Your Product List Simply with Catalogs

After you’ve successfully setup your Commerce Manager account—get ready to sell by adding products to your catalog manager. This is where you can manage inventory: add, remove, and edit product details as needed. Here is an overview of Facebook’s Catalog for Inventory Management:

  • The catalog is a container that stores information about your inventory like product titles, images, prices, descriptions and more.
  • Your catalog is a direct link to consumers across Facebook platforms. Ensure the data inputted represents your brand well
  • Catalogs may only be set up for the distribution of shippable physical goods. Apps, software, and similar digital services are ineligible for sale.

Remember to align this new project with your business objectives. If you plan to start a Facebook shop to help your omnichannel marketing efforts, have your employee(s) ready to provide customer support, and order fulfillment for your clients ready to roll.

The team at Place1SEO is here to address the needs of the diverse and adaptive foodservice industry. We offer a variety of Social Media Services. Learn more about our website development and marketing services by scheduling a meeting with your Account Manager today.

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