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Creator Studio for Facebook & Instagram

Facebook innovates new ways to improve user experience and stay competitive in the social media landscape. Creator Studio is one of Facebook’s latest tools designed to help marketers, small businesses and more manage several aspects of their Facebook and Instagram presence from a single dashboard. Creator Studio is Facebook’s native tool for managing, tracking, scheduling, analyzing, and monetizing social content across Facebook and Instagram.

What Is Creator Studio:

Creator Studiois a native solution for 3rd party social media scheduling software like Hootsuite, often utilized by marketers and businesses to keep a steady flow of consistent social media content. Particularly, Creator Studio is modeled similarly to YouTube Studio. As such, it emphasizes video content, but also is a place for scheduling and managing other content such as photos, link posts, and previously recorded live video sessions.

Creator Studio may remind you of Facebook Business Manager. The key difference here is Creator Studio is focused on marketing content, analysis, and monetization efforts. Meanwhile Business Manager allows for management of multiple pages, and ad accounts without needing to share personal login credentials. Business Manager creates a full picture of one’s Facebook efforts, while Creator Studio focuses on content you share on your page and with your audience.

It’s simple for you to add users to access Creator Studio. This way, there is a single, unified hub that all of your employees can utilize for drafting, developing, scheduling, managing, and reviewing content. If one employee drafts copy, they can leave it saved for another user to come in and add media, or to schedule the posts for a later date.

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"Creator Studio has a sleek design that makes it simple to manage content and analytics with ease."

Creator Studio For Facebook

Currently Facebook has more options for scheduling and content creation than Instagram. Currently on Facebook in Creator Studio you can:

  • Create Post (publish immediately, draft, or schedule)
  • Add a post to your Facebook Story (published immediately)
  • Upload single video
  • Upload multiple videos (new feature!)
  • Go Live
  • Post Video Across Pages
  • View insights and monetization
  • Access Facebook Creative tools
  • Access Inbox+ (Facebook and Instagram messages under one platform)

With the ability to edit and upload multiple videos at once, Facebook is making it simple for content creators to manage their work, reduce redundancy, and better plan monetization or advertising efforts.

All of these Facebook features are free to use and can save small businesses from spending money on 3rd party marketing software that costs a premium to be able to schedule posts in advance.

 Creator Studio For Instagram

Instagram has a few less features compared to Facebook’s side of Creator Studio. However, Instagram in Creator Studio does feature a few scheduling options that are typically unavailable with 3rd party marketing software, such as scheduling for Instagram TV. Currently on Instagram in Creator Studio you can:

  • Create Post (publish immediately, draft, or schedule)
  • Schedule Instagram TV (long form video content)
  • View insights and monetization

Checkout Creator Studio For Yourself

Creator Studio is a great, robust tool for managing your marketing efforts on Facebook and Instagram. It’s free to use and may even simplify some of your own marketing! At Place1SEO we work hard to bring our dealers sustainable, industry relevant social media content that supports a variety of different marketing objectives and sales initiatives. We encourage our dealers to share their own social media posts, to create a deeper connection with their audience, and Creator Studio may do just that.


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