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Facebook Integration of Messaging Platforms More Important Than Privacy Changes

Facebook Platform Integration not an Issue for Place1SEO Clients

Facebook is planning to revamp its privacy terms with regard to users using the company’s WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger platforms, but this is not expected to impact social media services Place1SEO provides to its foodservice industry clients. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg last month released an essay on Facebook announcing that the company will take measures—such as encryption and reducing the permanence of messages—to increase personal privacy in messaging between individuals and among small groups, as part of the planned integration of its various platforms.  

Analysts trying to make sense of the Zuckerberg memo emphasized its lack of specifics and questioned whether the company will truly make any sweeping changes related to privacy--given that its business model relies on targeted advertising strategies. One analyst called the memo a “Rorschach test” that could be interpreted as an apology for Facebook’s “history of privacy transgressions.” As history may prove, this public proclamation that the company was now a champion of privacy, seems more like a public relations move rather than a large pivot in its operating procedures.

Changes in the overall social media landscape, are bound to develop slowly, and this memo should not cause alarm to your day-to-day activities. The company itself has yet to elaborate on or clarify any of the memo’s pronouncements. The memo, as well as analysts, suggest that incorporating any privacy measures, as well as the integration of the platforms, will take several years to implement. Additionally, the amorphous nature of the proposed privacy measures, as well as Facebook’s history of not necessarily following announced visions, means that they are subject to change and/or may never be implemented.

What This Means for Place1SEO Clients

Any potential privacy changes raised in the memo are not expected to impact Place1SEO’s social media activities conducted on behalf of its foodservice clients. The related integration of WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger are perhaps the most significant change that could influence social media efforts in the relative future.

The integration might help expand the reach of a company’s direct and group messaging efforts; Place1SEO will closely track the roll out of this potential integration. Integration is also expected to increase advertising on the different platforms, with Facebook recently opening advertising avenues to companies on both Messenger and WhatsApp.

With regard to privacy measures, Place1SEO will monitor how, and if, Facebook makes any changes to encryption and messaging permanence. Encryption is not likely to impede the foodservice industry’s social media outreach efforts, but messaging permanence could result in the need to adapt new messaging strategies, or otherwise influence how companies utilize messaging in their social media outreach.     

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