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Showcase Products On Your Google My Business Page

What is GMB Products?

Google My Business has been testing a new feature called Products (Beta). This feature allows you to display a selection of products as part of your GMB listing.

How do GMB Products Work?

Products in Google My Business are available for small and medium-sized businesses, and applicable to nearly all industries. In other words, it’s a free, and easy way to gain an edge over larger competitors in the online marketplace. Larger chains and companies can only showcase their products through advertising.

On a GMB Product listing, you’ll be able to display pertinent details about the product, link to the product’s page on your website, and display a convenient phone call button which will allow customers to call you with any questions about the product.


How to Add GMB Products

In your Google My Business Dashboard, navigate to the “Products (Beta)” section to start adding products. To add a product, you will need an image and a few small details at minimum.


Business owners can also organize GMB Products into Collections to maximize user experience. There are several ways to customize how your products are displayed online. A few examples:
  • Showcase your best-selling vendors
  • Showcase a popular category like “Refrigeration” or “Smallwares”
  • A “Favorites” category that includes combination of winning products that work together well, like a sort of “Kitchen Essentials” kit.

Place1SEO is Here to Help with All Things GMB!

The team at Place1SEO looks forward to adding this feature to our ever-growing list of marketing services for 2020. Just as we help our dealers manage thousands of products on their websites, we want to help you get your products in front of customers by every available avenue!



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