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Google’s August Indexing Glitch

Google’s August Indexing Glitch

 On Monday August 10th, Google detected an issue related to its indexing system, Caffeine. This caused a temporary glitch in Google’s search algorithm that affected search results, for about a day. Google confirmed that this was a disruption, rather than an algorithm update—which happen frequently.

What Happened During The Glitch?

Google’s Indexing system “Caffeine” performs an array of services to improve indexing and provide accurate high-quality search results. If one piece of Google’s indexing system is compromised, it may result in an error.

The search engine glitch resulted in poor search results for about a day. It was reported in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and most all English-speaking countries. It affected the gamut of search results from local services, to even food and recipe searches. Many websites and analysts noted volatility in search results.

week 34 google glitch
Many search results were rendered temporarily useless, like local search results in Minnesota were ranking for keywords in Dallas, Texas!

What Do I Need To Do?

You don’t need to do anything!This recent glitch was swiftly addressed by Google, and Google search continues to perform as expected.The team at Place1SEO is here to keep you educated about the evolving online landscape.

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