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Why You Don't Need to Fear the Google Core Update with Place1SEO

What is a Google Core Update?

As many of you know, Google is constantly updating its algorithm as a part of its mission to provide users with the most relevant information possible. In fact, Google reported over 3,000 of such changes in 2018 alone. However, the search engine only releases a few core updates per year, and one of them was rolled out earlier this week, beginning September 24th. A core update is simply a larger set of changes in what Google values on a webpage and is therefore more likely to result in a noticeable change in a website’s ranking.

What to Watch For:

After a core update, your website’s position in search results could go up or down, depending on Google’s changes. It’s important to mark the date of the update and closely watch your position, as well as your competitors, in the following weeks. Remember, this update affects everyone, so your competitors are just as likely to see a boost—or a drop—as you are!

Place1SEO is On It!

The team at Place1SEO is monitoring our clients’ position and traffic following this core update. By monitoring the post-update trend, we can assess how to approach our continued growth in providing our clients with the most effective SEO practices!

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