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Google My Business Enhances Online Marketing With New Features

Google My Business Enhances Online Marketing With New Features

Google My Business (GMB) should be an integral part of your online marketing efforts. Google is adding three new services that make it an even more valuable marketing tool. Place1SEO last urged its foodservice supply industry clients to adopt GMB in a blog detailing the end of Google+. We believe these new services make GMB even more indispensable for our clients’ online marketing efforts.

For those unfamiliar with GMB, the service gives business owners greater control over their presence online. Launched in June 2014, Google My Business lets businesses dictate what details about their services show up in a Google search result. GMB lets business owners display their address, phone number, hours of business, photos, logos, customer reviews, and other details in the search result. GMB allows business owner to “post” updates about their operations, whether detailing sales, new products, special offers, or other customer-centric information. These posts can feature call-to-action buttons that allow for greater customer-business interaction before the customer even reaches your business website.

All in all, GMB features provide businesses with enhanced online visibility and ease of improving a customer’s first impressions of the business. The new GMB services include:

  • Google Maps Follow Button
  • Short Names and URLs to GMB Listings
  • Positive Review Testimonial Posts

Google Maps Follow Button

Launched late last year on Android devices, the Google Maps Follow feature started rolling out for iOS devices in late February. The service allows customers and potential customers to click a follow button on Google Maps to keep track of any updates regarding their followed businesses. In turn, business owners can keep track of who’s following them and post important information that will be delivered to followers’ “for you” section on their respective Google Maps screens. Postings for this feature can include details on sales and special promotions, and new businesses can use it prior to opening to let followers keep track of any business development progress and plans for opening day.

Short Names And URLs For Google My Business

GMB clients can now create a short name and related short URL to identify their businesses in a more simplified and accessible way. In some cases the short name and short URL may be more memorable than the official longer name, and the short URL can be more easily displayed on outreach materials such as business cards, brochures, and flyers. The format for the short URL is “” immediately followed (no spaces or punctuation) by the chosen short name, which must be at least five characters long, but no more than 32. When potential customers click on the short URL, they are routed to the Google business listing in Google Maps. 

While any verified GMB client can create a short name and respective URL, the feature is still being introduced and is not yet available to all GMB clients.

Positive Review Testimonial Posts

Google has announced the roll out of a new feature that will allow GMB clients to highlight positive customer testimonials in their Google Posts. Google will reportedly suggest posting positive four- or five-star reviews when clients sign in to their GMB accounts. Such review posts will be optional, and clients will reportedly be able to review and edit the look of such posts before they are published. Review posts provide an ideal means of promotion when the business is lacking other pertinent news or information to publish on Google Posts. Roll-out on these features may still be forthcoming to certain industries and business types.

Turn To Place1SEO For All Of Your Online Marketing Needs

To learn more about Google My Business and its many useful small business features, contact Place1SEO. We can help your business take full advantage of online marketing features offered by this Google asset. While not all of these features may be accessible through Place1SEO’s portal for dealers to manage their GMB listings, we hope to keep you posted with these updates as they become accessible via Google’s API for your convenience.

The Place1SEO team has a long-held track record of helping restaurant supply companies successfully launch and maintain online marketing campaigns that achieve solid, measurable results. We are experts at utilizing Google in our campaigns, and keep up to date with all emerging digital media trends, to ensure that your online presence is always producing noticeable results. From full-service social media marketing to targeted campaigns, Place1SEO can boost your social media status and online presence. Contact us today online, or call our office at 239.228.8837.

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