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Showcase Popular Products On Google My Business

Showcase Popular Products On Google My Business

Showcase Popular Products on Your Google My Business Page

If you are selling disposable products and other high-demand cleaning and personal protective supplies, you have likely noticed a trend in consumers and businesses needing more of these supplies than usual. As businesses continue to re-open and adapt to new industry changes—you may want to post a few of your most popular products on social platforms like Google My Business, or Facebook.

Listing products on social media is a great lead to get users on your website, or in your storefront. Use these opportunities to connect with clients and create impactful interactions. Today we share some insight on listing products on your Google My Business profile.

Google My Business Products

Google My Business “Products” are relatively easy to setup. They are a great way to inform online users, and search engines more about your business’ relevance and abilities.

Featuring a few of your best-selling products on your Google My Business Profile may help consumers find your site and storefront faster.

A good distinction to note; Facebook Business Pages also can feature a shop with products. However, you must also setup payment processing and order fulfillment through Facebook as well. While this is a suitable option for many businesses—Google My Business currently provides more flexibility on order fulfillment and next steps for consumers. (There are still many benefits to Facebook Shopping--we’ll share more insight of Facebook Shopping in an upcoming email blast!)

Google My Business’ Products Section is simple and straight-forward to use.

As Simple As Adding Products, Managing Categories

If you are going to post products on your Google My Business, be sure to review their up-to-date content policy page.

Adding products to Google My Business is simple. You need to add a product image, name the product, and assign it a category at minimum. Optional steps include: setting pricing, adding a description, and adding a button such as “Learn More” or “Buy.”

Choose How Customers Interact

After adding your product, you can choose to add a Button to your product. You can append a URL to this button that leads to your website. From there, customers can fulfill checking out on your website, or be prompted to take further action as instructed.

The team at Place1SEO is here to address the needs of the diverse and adaptive foodservice industry. We offer Google My Business Product Posts as an add-on to our Google My Business service. Schedule a meeting today to learn more.

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