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Three Tips to Maximize the Holiday Sales Season

Take Advantage of the Holiday Sales Season by Offering Deals and Discounts

Check out these stats and tips to make the most of some of the biggest shopping days of the year!
Tip #1 - Trending Shopping Statistics

In-person Black Friday shopping has declined as the online shopping trend steadily grows 

In 2018, brick-and-mortar store sales over Thanksgiving and Black Friday fell as much as 9% compared to 2017.
However, overall sales continued to grow! eCommerce online shopping sales grew 16.7% from 2017.
Thanksgiving & Black Friday Sales Change In Sales YOY 2017 - 2018
Brick-and-mortar stores -9%
eCommerce stores +16.7%


A call-for-pricing or eCommerce store on your website makes it simple for consumers to research products, make purchases, and contact your sales team for more information.
Referred to as the “Christmas Creep” retailers have started offering holiday deals earlier in November to upstage Black Friday, enticing consumers to capitalize on better sales sooner.
Black Friday and Cyber Monday were once the best days for making big purchases. Digital marketing makes it easier to promote deals and sales earlier.
Tip #2 - Social Media
There was a 73% growth in the use of Instagram to find shopping deals, and a 45% increase in the use of Pinterest
Advertising and shopping features continue to develop on social media platforms. It’s important to think about what you want to say, and how to say it!
Create digital flyers and consider boosting key posts and products early in the season to get the word out.
Tip #3 - Email Blasts
In 2017 retailers sent 3 billion emails on Black Friday, and 3.3 billion on Cyber Monday.
2018’s figures reported 3.5 billion emails on Black Friday and 4.1 billion on Cyber Monday
Think about email blasts as personal messages to your consumers. It’s an invaluable opportunity to have your customer’s sole attention.

Along with offering your potential customers discounts, special offers and deals, highlight your unique online and in-store shopping experience in ways that will make your customers want to make a return visit.
What makes your local business one-of-a-kind?

Earlier this year we shared some insight on how you can capitalize on Amazon’s summertime “Prime Day” to take advantage of shifting consumer trends. Be sure to check it out and stay tuned for more great products and insight from the team at Place1SEO!
We hope you all are having a wonderful start to this holiday season!


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