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How Non-Amazon Retailers Can Still Benefit From Amazon’s Prime Day

How Non-Amazon Retailers Can Still Benefit From Amazon’s Prime Day

Ignite your summertime eCommerce sales activity and take advantage of Amazon Prime Day—even if you don’t sell on Amazon. The Amazon-initiated sales holiday has spurred so much online business in recent years that it is equated as the “Black Friday/Cyber Monday of July.” While sellers on Amazon have benefited the most from the annual event, non-Amazon retailers that promote their own sales in lockstep with Prime Day may also reap significant summertime sales boosts.

Naples, Florida-based Place1SEO believes its foodservice supply industry clients can capitalize on the sales hype generated by Prime Day. Those who already have a presence on Amazon can boost their sales organically via the online giant’s marketing efforts. However, non-Amazon retailers can piggyback onto the sales event in other ways you may not have considered.

Marketing researchers determined that non-Amazon online merchants who timed their promotions with Prime Day in 2017 tended to boost sales by 30%, with some of the bigger players seeing Prime Day sales boosts topping 120%. In 2018, non-Amazon retailers experienced a 156% increase in mobile app downloads and purchases on Prime Day, according to other marketing research.

What Exactly is Amazon Prime Day

The online marketing behemoth created Prime Day in 2015 to celebrate its 20th anniversary. They used the event to increase sales during what is a traditionally slow time of the year for shopping, both in-person and online. Amazon also created the discount day as a means for promoting its “Prime” membership program by offering free trials and Prime membership discounts. Initiated as a one-day event, Amazon increased the time frame to 30 hours in 2017, and to 36 hours in 2018. This year’s Prime Day, slated for July 15-16, marks an increased time frame to 48 hours.

Amazon made it clear from its first Prime Day that the sales event was intended to serve as a summertime version of Black Friday. Sales numbers did not disappoint, and by the second Prime Day Amazon managed to capture 74% of all eCommerce sales for the given time period and recorded a doubling of orders via its mobile app compared to the year prior.  

How Can Non-Amazon Retailers Compete with Prime Day?

With the announcement of that first Prime Day event in 2015, Amazon’s biggest competitor—Walmart—immediately initiated its own competing sales event. Along with lowering online prices, Walmart promoted its sale by noting that customers did not need to afford a $100 admission (the cost of Amazon’s Prime membership) to take advantage of their sales. Other big-name retailers also initiated their own versions of “Black Friday in July” sales events.

Smaller online merchants typically cannot afford to compete with the marketing resources and deep pockets of larger retailers. Although, there are certainly other means for tapping into the halo of sales success. Some tactics non-Amazon online retailers should adopt are:

  • Aggressively promote your own sales prices and special offers with social media and advertising—while you may not be able to directly compete with the big names, online shoppers are out in force and you should be able to capture some subsidiary traffic and resultant sales. Note that even online retailers that didn’t discount during the Prime Day week saw an average sales boost of 5%.
  • Use the Prime Day sales event to promote the uniqueness of your own business and products. Think of creative ways that will make potential customers want to return to your site in the future. Consider discounts on newer and special merchandise, and sneak peeks and deals on the upcoming seasonal merchandise.
  • Figure out what deals Amazon and the other big-name retailers plan to heavily promote and determine whether you can promote and discount supplementary products that go hand-in-hand with the big-name deals.
  • Along with offering your potential customers discounts, special offers, and deals, highlight your unique online and in-store shopping experience in ways that will make your customers want to make a return visit. What makes your local business one-of-a-kind?

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