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Free Product Listings On Google Shopping

Free Product Listings On Google Shopping

 Google recently expanded Google Shopping to allow unpaid product listings to appear in Google Shopping in Google Search.Google hasn’t had free shopping listings since 2012!

Thisexpansion enablesmerchants and Small Business Owners to easily showcase their products online for free to consumers who are searching for products across Google’s various surfaces. This expansion of Google Shopping is meant to connect shoppers with more product options from a wider breadth of stores.

Online users will be able to see organic product results across a variety of Google surfaces such as:

  • Google Image Search
  • Google Shopping Tab
  • Google Lens
  • Google Search

What About Google Shopping Ads?

Google Shopping Ads are still an excellent opportunity for promoting products and engaging with consumers. Sponsored shopping listings still appear distinctly, at the top of the page.Sponsored shopping listings still appear distinctly at the top of the page.

If you participate in Google Shopping Ads already, you may want to consider how the arrival of organic listings will effect your business goals, and adjust as needed.

week 35 google product listings free
Paid Shopping Ads are still at the top of search. They're a great way to reach consumers online and grab their attention!

Can I List My Products On Google Shopping For Free?

You will need aMerchant Center account for managing your product listings on Google. If you already have a Merchant Center account with Shopping ads and have opted into the ‘surfaces across Google program,’ you may already be enrolled in organic product listings.

If you are already opted in, be sure to add any new products you’d like to make discoverable in organic search!

Eligible merchants who adhere to Google’s policies for 'Surfaces across Google'and want to get started with free product listings on Google will need to:

Submit a product feed through Google Merchant Center:

  1. Opt-in to ‘Surfaces across Google’ program during Merchant Center Sign up
  2. Specify where customers check out from Google Shopping
  3. Create your product feed

Or retailers with structured data markup on their website:

Will automatically have their products shown on surfaces across Google (except for the Google Shopping tab) without directly participating in the program.

Merchants who use PayPal can link their accounts to accelerate the onboarding process. Linking your PayPal account to Google Merchant Center can help speed up the verification process.

Enhanced ListingsIn Google Shopping

Enhanced listings are available on the Google Shopping tab. To be eligible for enhanced listings, merchants must adhere to policies for surfaces across Google, as well as the policies for Shopping ads.

It’s important to note that shipping costs need to be provided for enhanced listings. There also additional attributes that need to be input to be eligible for enhanced listings. You can review the requirements for enhanced listings here.

We suggest you review the best practices for showcasing products on surfaces across Google.

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