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Place1SEO Encourages Foodservice Industry Clients to get SSL Certificates

Place1SEO Encourages Foodservice Industry Clients to get SSL Certificates

While Place1SEO is primarily concerned with assisting the foodservice industry with their online marketing efforts, an effective online presence relies in part on having a smooth-running website that people trust. With this in mind, we here at Place1SEO account for website security as part of our website development efforts, and notify our online marketing clients if we notice a potential security concern with their existing websites.

And with security and trust becoming so integral to the overall success of online marketing, we encourage all of our clients to incorporate the latest web security tools within their websites. A long-standing, but often ignored, web security tool has recently caught the attention of web-based businesses across the country because Google intends to flag websites not using this tool as unsafe. Known as an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate, Google announced last year that it was going to begin flagging websites failing to carry the SSL certificate with a warning-color-red “Not Secure” notice in the URL bar. And if your foodservice industry business operates a website, a “Not Secure” notice will undoubtedly scare off potential customers, so Place1SEO advises everyone to get an SSL certificate for their website as soon as possible.

What Exactly is an SSL Certificate?

Available for more than 20 years, the SSL certificate is used to both verify the website owner’s identity and to protect the website-related communications with encryption. An SSL installed on a business owner’s website ensures that every bit of web communications—whether login details, addresses, signups, passwords, personal information, or payment details—between a customer and the business is encrypted, and thus protected from hackers and data skimmers.

While visitors to SSL certified websites don’t actually see a “certificate,” Google marks SSL certificate websites by displaying a security padlock symbol in the address box in front of the company’s URL. Those websites lacking an SSL certificate will soon, if not already, sport that red “Not Secure” warning label in front of their addresses—a surefire way to ensure reduced web traffic.

How to Get an SSL Certificate

In many cases the website host offers SSL certificates as part of the package or as a paid add-on feature. More and more companies are starting to offer free SSL certificates, but these certificates generally provide a lower level of validation than those offered by a fee-based SSL certificate authority. In fact, the level of domain validation may become more important going forward as companies vie to prove their trustworthiness. For example, extended validation (EV) certificates, which require extensive checks into a company’s bona fides and cost more than regular SSL certificates, provide the website with a slight edge in displaying trustworthiness on the website by displaying their URL in the color green.

SSL Certificate Can Also Boost Search Rankings

Along with providing web security and helping build brand trust, an SSL certificate gives websites a slight boost in search rankings as a reward for using secure, encrypted connections to exchange web data. While this ranking boost by Google is considered minuscule compared to the potential benefits gleaned from most SEO tactics, it might provide an edge over competitors’ websites that do not have an SSL certificate.

Place1SEO Can Help You Build Your Brand’s Trust

If you would like to learn more about SSL certificates and the importance of website trust, or would like to learn about PLace1SEO’s foodservice industry website development and slate of targeted online marketing tools, contact our office today at 239-228-8837.

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