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Social Listening Benefits Your Marketing Strategy

Social Listening Benefits Your Marketing Strategy


Social media platforms are powerful tools that wear many hats. It’s a tool to share, communicate, learn, and research with. What is social listening, and why does your business need to pay attention?

What Is Social Listening

Social listening is the process of monitoring your social media presence for feedback from customers, as well as watching for larger conversation around specific keywords or topics that relate to your community or industry. These research opportunities can be used to pivot or finetune your marketing strategy.

Often, social listening is needed for identifying industry trends and can influence other elements of your marketing strategy. Not every objective of social listening, should relate to strictly business. It’s important to also interact with viral posts and trends online; to think beyond simply your business and sales goals--and show off your human side!

Don’t Forget To Get Creative, And Have Fun

Do you remember the Dolly Parton challenge that circulated around mid-January 2020?

How about the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” from the summer of 2014?

Trends are constantly surfacing online nationally, regionally, and locally through social media. These fun, popular moments are an example of the power of social media influence; and how you can take control of this influx of information to your advantage. Keeping up with this information helps you stay connected with trends, while opening new doors to grow and engage your audience.

Tags, and hashtags are tools for keeping your conversation relevant online. They are ways to filter and organize your content to display in trending keywords and increase your likelihood of being noticed online.

Creating moments that are entertaining and timely can foster organic, impactful connections with others online. You never know who might find it! Can you find fun ways to incorporate a funny social media moment with your coworkers and team?

While it’s important to showcase your business online, these entertaining festivities can also bring your company closer together.

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