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Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising- The Choice for a Modern Business

Why You Can't Afford to Miss Out

We’re all familiar with the most common ads we see while browsing the web. From the paid search ads when we’re using Google to the dreaded popups on suspicious websites. One ad you may or may not be familiar with is the targeted social media advertisement.

You can trust that if you’re seeing an advertisement on Facebook or Twitter, you fall into a very specific category for marketers. There are hundreds of options that can be as broad as “Individuals 18-32 within 25 miles of my business” all the way to “individuals 18-60 making over $100,000 a year who are interested in model year 2008 hatchbacks”. I’m sure you can see the potential for your own business in this wealth of options for targeted marketing.

Social Media Advertising- Interaction & Brand Awareness

Google paid search may not be working for your business, maybe your keywords aren’t performing as well as you’d hoped and you don’t know why you aren’t seeing more traffic to your website. Modern consumers are interested in more than just your price and product. They want to see your brand and know how your company operates. Interaction and brand awareness is where social media plays a large role in your advertisements.

Not only will social media advertising make your business more approachable and humanized, it will allow you to find potential customers. Users of social media networks share information about themselves like their interests, location, age and more which will allow you to reach your ideal target with absolute precision.

Mobile Devices – Not a Trend Anymore!

In late 2013 we reached the mobile tipping point for social network usage. Over 1.7 billion people accessed Facebook and other social media sites on their mobile devices while desktop users held steady around 1.6 billion. Reaching your customer’s phones is now more important than their televisions or computers and trends indicate that mobile usage will only continue to rise. In fact, 51% of the total time spent on social media networks was on mobile devices – clocking in at a whopping 2.8 hours a day!

Social media networks are an excellent medium for advertisement due to precise targeting, brand awareness, and mobile device usage.

Social Targeted Marketing – What You Need To Know

Most people have likely experienced the following situation: You’re looking for something to buy online and eventually head over to Facebook and see advertisements for what you were shopping for. This is called targeted marketing and most social media sites have it down pat. Because Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and countless other social media sites gather such huge amounts of detailed information about their users, advertisers are able to target a significantly wider audience than they would be able to through older avenues. You know the phrase “great minds think alike”, this is doubly true for your business on social media. When you hit the right market, they’re going to share you with all of their friends and followers of similar interests. This next generation of advertisements reaches beyond a simple keyword query or a single demographic and let’s your business reach exactly who you need to reach.

Brand Awareness – You Need to Be Better Than the Competition

Publishing effective ads is an excellent step in building your brand. That’s why with the success of your ad campaign must coincide with strong brand awareness. You may be asking yourself: Does my business really need brand awareness? Yes, it does. When you establish yourself as an authority in your market – your customers view you and your product as trustworthy. The repeated use of your style of words, images, and opinions all contribute to building your brand. When a user sees an ad from your branded and trusted business and an ad from your competitor’s unknown company, who do you think they’re more likely to buy from?

Jumpstart your sales, website traffic, and customer base with social media advertisements. Your market is just waiting to see what you have to sell!

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