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Social Media + Customer Care

Social Media + Customer Care = ❤

Social Media & Customer Service

Customers have many channels to access customer support, from in-person inquiries, to phone calls, emails, and online chat boxes. One avenue for customer service that can often go unnoticed is social media. Social media has brought the world closer together and has accelerated many elements of the traditional sales process. Consumers anticipate businesses that have active social media feeds, to also be quick to help with their questions online.

Social Media = Customer Service In Real Time

Larger companies have the manpower to easily operate several modes of customer service. When small business tries to compete, it’s crucial to not overlook social media’s immediacy and impact on customer service and perception.

As software has improved over time, social media platforms have become a prevalent method of communication between customers and businesses. Since social media serves as an extension of your brand online, it’s important consider more than just what you’re posting. How are you engaging, reacting, and participating in the online conversation to fully capitalize on social media?

The ability to message a company on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter is so immediate, it can make the idea of visiting a website, filling out a contact form, or making a phone call seem redundant. Ready or not, if your team isn’t optimized to quickly react to a question or comment from a user, you could lose their interest.

A Healthy Social Media Presence Takes Practice

Having an active presence, checking your messages and notifications frequently, staying abreast of your social media, is a simple but dedicated chore. Replying to comments left by customers on social media not only helps the individual, but it also addresses the public who may view the post as well.

This helps build credibility for your brand and demonstrate your core values for your clients. Over time, a comment here, and a thoughtful reply there, add up to create a paper trail that tells your business is dedicated to being involved with your clients and community.

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