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Social Media Engagement

Advantages of Employee Social Media Engagement

Are Your Employees Engaging Your Company On Social Media?

There are several methods to gain more “Likes” and “Follows” on your social media pages. Here’s another tip to help your company gain a bigger audience and social following for your business! This week we focus on a simple way to improve your Facebook page’s audience.

Have you ever asked your employees to “like” or “follow” your company’s social media pages? While it may seem obvious, it can be an easily overlooked method for gaining more followers!

Why Is It Important To Get Your Employees Engaged On Social Media?

Perhaps it has been implied that your employees support your company on social media, but if you have never formally asked—it’s a great way to easily boost your page likes or followers.

Consider asking your employees at your next company-wide meeting, to follow your company on social media. Better yet, send out a company-wide email with links to your social media platforms. This way, it’s even easier to get your employees to engage and support your online marketing efforts!

Sharing is Caring

You might consider asking employees to share the page with their friends and family. Have you ever considered asking your employees contribute to the social media content creation? Recently at Place1SEO, we celebrated some of our employee’s four-legged friends on National Dog Day!

Recent research suggests:

  • Employees have 5x more reach than corporate accounts
  • A Nielsen study showed 84% of people trust recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues over other forms of marketing

While it may not work for all business structures, research shows employee participation in social media and outreach can have significant impacts!

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