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Use These Tips to Boost Your Social Media Following

Social media has emerged as a powerful marketing platform for businesses to engage with their customers and drive traffic to their websites. If managed effectively, social media can be one of the easiest and most affordable means for a foodservice industry dealer—or any business—to promote itself and its products.

However, for social media marketing to work, you need an audience. And social media engagement with followers typically doesn’t work on a built-it-and-they-will-come basis. Nope, you’ve got to work to boost your social media following. Here are some tips from Place1SEO on how to do just that:

Start with Your Social Media Content

Once you’ve figured out how the different social media platforms—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.—work, you need to start posting content on the sites that will be meaningful for your sought-after followers. Sure, you can post details about sales items and special promotions, but make sure that you give your followers more than just that. As a foodservice industry expert, provide tips on proper food storage, the latest innovations in cooking equipment, or some other pertinent information. In short, come up with content that will make potential followers glad that they found your page and thus more likely to click on that follow or share button.

Along with developing relevant and helpful content, make sure that you are posting on a consistent basis. On social media you can’t just post content for two weeks and then stop, expecting that you’ve done the work needed to gain followers. You need regular and consistent social media interaction appropriate for the specific platform to ensure that you’re not just lost in social-media space.

Make it Easy for Followers to Follow You

Your connection to social media platforms should be obvious and easy to connect with. This means putting social media follow and share buttons on your website pages and email correspondence. Remind readers to “follow” you on social media at the close of your blog posts and emails. You can also encourage in-store customers to follow you on social media. Also use hashtags in your social media posts, as they help spread your posts to potential followers who may be interested in your products. Just be sure the way you use hashtags is appropriate to your social platform—for instance you may use many hashtags on Instagram, but limit them to one or two per post on other platforms.    

Followers Beget Followers

Because the number of followers you have can influence whether others will follow you, getting those numbers to rise is crucial. But don’t forget about your existing followers, and make sure you engage with them by responding to their comments or questions, and/or thanking them for their interactions. A disengaged following can easily lead to a decline in followers.

To boost your following, engage with and follow businesses with prominent social media presence in your industry. This could be the popular restaurants that purchase your kitchen equipment and supplies. By following them, you can share their content with your followers, which in turn may encourage them to return the favor by following you and sharing your content. Just make sure that you credit the original poster for the content and include their hashtags to show that you are promoting them, and not just using them for social media climbing purposes.

Place1 SEO Can Manage Your Social Media Strategy

There are other methods that may help you boost your social media following such as advertising on social platforms, but these we’ve listed above offer a good starting point. If you would like to learn more about how to successfully mount a social media campaign and boost your social media following, contact Place1SEO. Our online marketing team has a stellar record in helping its foodservice industry clients build an effective social media presence that integrates with and enhances all marketing efforts. From website development to full-service social media marketing and targeted campaigns, Place1SEO can boost your foodservice industry eCommerce business. Contact us today at 239.228.8837.

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