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The Important Role of SEO as the Cornerstone of Your Foodservice Business’s Online Marketing

SEO as the Cornerstone of Your Foodservice Business’s Online Marketing

Most foodservice industry executives realize the importance of establishing an online presence. Some may not realize that online marketing goes far beyond building a website and assuming customers will naturally find it or seek it out. While a foodservice industry executive may be too busy to learn all of the minutia entailed in online marketing, he or she should at least understand why the cornerstone of online marketing—Search Engine Optimization (SEO)—is crucial for its success. If you’re a busy foodservice industry executive, take time now to read on and learn exactly what SEO is and why your website needs it. 

It Starts with the Search Engine

To start with the basics, a search engine is the tool that just about everyone uses to find information on the Internet. Type a few words, company name, or other information into a Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engine and it will return a list of websites. These websites are ranked by how closely the search engine algorithm believes they match the search term(s) entered. In general, the more specific the initial query, the more likely the search engine might come up with a website that meets the goals of the searcher. Because numerous websites often provide similar products or information, the searcher is left to decide which of the offered links to pick among what may be a very long list of competitors.

More likely than not, those websites at the top of the list will be the ones that capture the attention (and business) of the web searcher. Thus, websites that capture the attention of the search engines rank highly and end up on the first page of search results, which typically allows them to capture much of the online customer base.

SEO is About Optimizing Your Website for Search Engines

Strictly speaking, “search engine optimization” is a misnomer because the optimization refers to each specific website rather than a search engine. Effective SEO tailors website content so that the algorithms used by the search engines identify your website for the appropriate searches, and rank it highly—preferably on that first page of search results. Effective SEO also needs to be maintained so that once your website is getting high rankings in search results it stays there. This cycle takes work because not only are competitors at bay in their own efforts to move higher (and potentially displace your website,) but search engine algorithms are constantly evolving, which necessitates the need to evolve with them.

That may sound daunting, but the first SEO optimization steps are pretty basic and serve as an overall enhancement of your website. Much like you are providing your customers high quality products, provide them with a high quality website experience. This can be accomplished in large part by developing a visually appealing website. It should be easy to move through and presents clear and concise information that specifically details what your company offers. While the content itself is important in website search rankings, search engine algorithms have become adept at gauging user experience and now use this as a key element in ranking. If you can engage your customers, you’ll likely engage the search engines.

Once you’ve gotten this initial and key element of SEO down, you can focus more on optimizing specific content on different website pages with keywords, optimized titles, meta descriptions, alt. text and tags, strategic links, and a host of other SEO tools that can further help search engines identify your website as a site deserving high rankings in search results.

Turn to Place1SEO for all of your Online Marketing Needs

Place1SEO has a long-held track record of helping restaurant supply companies develop powerful, user-friendly websites that are optimized to capture the attention of both customers and Internet search engines. We are experts at maintaining high SEO rankings for our clients’ websites and at boosting SEO to raise search rankings to make sure that your website is producing results. From full-service website development to targeted SEO, Place1SEO can ensure that your foodservice supply company has a powerful online marketing presence. To learn more, contact us today at 239.228.8837.

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