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Use Google My Business Short Names To Enhance Your Online Visibility

Use Google My Business Short Names To Enhance Your Online Visibility

Recently, we shared some of the latest features Google My Business has been rolling out for business owners! We wanted to dive deeper into one of these recent updates:

Google My Business Short Names

What Are Short Names?

A Google My Business short name is meant to give business owners a simple way to make their Google My Business profile more accessible to clients.

Similar to an Instagram handle, a short name is a unique name that represents your business.

Keep your short name simple so you can easily promote it to your customers. Your short name, also enables a short URL to request reviews from clients.

The URL for quick access to your Google Business Listing is:

This abbreviated URL, takes users to the associated Google My Business Listing on Google Maps. The goal of short names, and short URLs, is to make it easy for your clients to find your business on Google.

The next time a customer calls, or visits your business, try directing them to your business’ short URL. It should be easy for them to remember, and easy for them to leave you a review, on Google!

Short Name + Short URL Examples:

With the rollout of this new feature, your short name also appends to your short URL. Here are some examples of short names, and their associated URLs.


Short Name

Short URL







How Do I Get A Short Name?

If you are subscribed to Place1SEO’s Google My Business Marketing Service, then our team has already created a short name for you!

You can change your short name up to three times a year, so you can adjust accordingly!

If you are not subscribed to our Google My Business Marketing Service, be sure to login to your Google My Business as soon as possible to grab the best short name for your business!

To check or add your short name, visit your Google My Business profile.

Here are two ways to check if you have a short name on Google My Business:

Method 1: Login to your Google My Business Profile to check out and add your short name.

1: Sign in to the Google account that manages your Google My Business listing:

2: Once logged into your Google My Business dashboard, go to “Info” on the left-hand side. Find the field for entering your short name, about halfway down the page.

 Method 2:  Check to see if you have a short name from Google Maps.

  1. Search for your business in the search bar
  2. Click the “Share” button in your menu
  3. The link to share should say
  4. You can share to Facebook from this dialogue box

Take Action With Your Short Name!

Your short URL is a quick access to google maps for clients to access reviews and learn more about your business! Encourage new reviews from clients by sharing this URL on your social media platforms.

It seems Google will have more features in mind for their short names, and short URLs in the coming months. Stay up to date on the latest features with our team at Place1SEO!

Stay Tuned For More Information,

Place1SEO stays on top of the latest Google product updates. Be sure to check our blog every few weeks for fresh new content to help your business thrive! If you would like to learn more about Google My Business, or managing your business’ online presence, contact our team at Place1SEO. Our online marketing team has a long-held track record of building powerful eCommerce websites. Along with website development, we have also launched and maintained online marketing campaigns that achieve solid, measurable results. From website development to full-service social media marketing and targeted campaigns, Place1SEO can boost your foodservice industry eCommerce business. Contact us today at 239.228.8837.

The Google My Business Short Name Feature is currently only available in your Google My Business profile, we hope to have it in our Dealer Portal in the near future.

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