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Place1SEO’s New Local Listings Service

The online search landscape is not a fixed thing: it’s constantly changing and evolving to provide internet search users with the best results. As online marketing experts, it’s our job to ensure that we’re providing marketing services that yield the greatest benefit to our clients.

Since local search is a top priority for many of our dealers, we’re changing our Local Listings service in 2020 to reflect best practices. Our previous Local Listings service focused on synchronizing business information across many online directories. This practice is still important but not as highly regarded by search engines as it was in the past. The majority of these listing directory sites are small, obscure, and rarely visited by users. Search engines have caught on to this user behavior, and they no longer consider many of them to be relevant in local search results.


The Directories Your Customers Use

Place1SEO’s new Local Listings service instead focuses in on three directories that many of your customers use every day: Bing, Apple Maps, and Yelp. Rather than just ensuring your business name, address and phone number are consistent, our new service maintains professional profiles by updating company descriptions, uploading custom company imagery, ensuring special hours and holiday closures are correct, and staying up to date on any new features these platforms have to offer. By covering the three most reputable listing services other than Google, Place1SEO’s new Local Listings service is a great compliment to our Google My Business management service, with the combination of the two providing professionally branded, accurate and well built-out profiles on all of the most used online directories.

Place1SEO is proud to offer online marketing solutions that are effective and relevant for today’s online marketplace, and we’ll continue to keep you updated as our services evolve to meet the challenges of the ever-changing online landscape.

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