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The Significance Of Your Privacy Policy

The Significance Of Your Privacy Policy

What Is A Privacy Policy And Do I Need One?

The New Year is a great reminder to ensure your business is following best practice online to ensure the safety of your business and your clients. When you browse online, you have probably seen links, to that company’s Privacy Policy. But what exactly is a Privacy Policy?

What IMSite Doesn't Collect User Data?

In the new decade, chances are that any fully functioning website for a small-to-medium size business collects user data in some way. Does your website have a contact form? Every time a user submits a message through a contact form on your website, you are collecting their data! Is your site connected to Google Analytics, or does it use a Facebook Pixel? These also collect user data such as how the user got to your website, which pages they viewed, and for how long.

The amount and type of user data your site collects will affect how much information you will need in your privacy policy. If your website only has a contact form and some connected analytics, you may be able to use a relatively basic privacy policy. However, if your site encourages users to create an account, make purchases, upload photospersonal information, and even message other users--you will need to get much more in-depth.

How Do I Get A Privacy Policy?

The safest way to ensure you have an effective privacy policy in place on your site is to consult with legal counsel (this is what we always recommend at Place1SEO.) However, the owner of a small website which only collects limited data may opt to use an online privacy policy generator, or even a generic privacy policy.

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