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Why Do I Need A Sitemap

Why Do I Need A Sitemap?

You may hear the word sitemap time to time when you discuss website needs with your marketing agency. What is a sitemap, and why will your business benefit from it?

What Is a Sitemap

A sitemap is a document of all webpages, videos, and other files hosted on your website.

A well-documented sitemap can organize and present your most valuable webpages to be crawled by search engines first. If you have added new pages, or existing pages that have been updated, sitemaps can direct search engines to those pages before others. They also carry information about each website page, such as when it was created and modified.

This can help bolster SEO, as search engines like to see fresh content on your site. Search engines use sitemaps as a guide when they crawl and index websites. A well-updated sitemap shows search engines that your website is proactive in creating fresh content and ensures they don’t miss any important information.

What is Indexing

Indexing is part of search engine optimization. Indexing is when search engines sift through, collect, and organize information from websites to help it quickly understand and deliver the best-possible search engine results based on the query entered.

Search engines still may not index every page listed on your sitemap—but it helps them make better decisions, while clearly illustrating what is available to index.

Who Needs A Sitemap

Sitemaps are especially useful for:

  • Websites with a large volume of pages
  • Websites rich in media content
  • New Websites

Even if your site is not the newest, or the largest—SEO best practice dictates that you will almost always benefit from having a sitemap, and your SEO will not be penalized for having one.

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