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    So I sign up for a website package, is that all I have to do?

    If it were only that easy! We are a full service marketing company that specializes in the Restaurant & Foodservice Equipment Industry, but we do not have intricate knowledge of your business practices and the products you sell. When signing up to build a website with us, it is important to have enough time free, or a staff member ready, to work with us on key aspects of the site, such as:

    • Product Selection
    • Delivering us Content and Images
    • Setting pricing
    • Setting Sales tax
    • Setting shipping policies

    It is the dealer’s responsibility to ensure accuracy with Shipping, Pricing, Sales Tax, and Product Selections.


    I don’t really like the content on my old website, what do you suggest I do?

    We can always professionally edit the content of your site. Image creation, copywriting, video creation, and other content-based work will be quoted to the dealer, based on the amount of time and resources our copy writers and graphic artists need. During the development stage, we are happy to receive content from the dealer, any text, image, or video, and use this for the website as is reasonable for the template design.


    The Template sites look AMAZING, but I’d like to do something a bit different. How does custom design work?

    We are happy to provide custom design work to our clients, this is an excellent way to differentiate yourself on the internet. For custom design work, we will need to discuss what it is the dealer would like to see, determine the scope of work and resources necessary, and then quote the dealer on the project.


    I am not comfortable selling products through my website, but would still like to improve my web presence. What should I do?

    From our experience, it is often an easier transition to start with a Call for Pricing model of website, and to grow into a full e-Commerce site. Our Call for Pricing sites take much less time to build, test and make live. Our fastest website built took only 1 week!


    My website is down, or I don’t have one. How do we get my business online as quick as possible?

    If your company has no website, and is looking to build one quickly, we have a plan. We will send out all the information we need from the dealer, and will begin development once we have the information necessary. The turn around on a quick website like this is between 1 and 2 weeks. We will also limit the development process to a Call for pricing website with no custom design work to expediate the process.


    What is Google my Business (GMB) and why does my business need it?

    Google is making a big push to help local businesses create brand awareness and promote themselves, as it strives to meet its corporate vision “to provide access to the world’s information in one click.” Google is encouraging businesses to utilize its single-dashboard tool, “Google My Business” (GMB), to update specific company information, provide product and service details, and engage with potential customers. As a single-dashboard tool, GMB allows a business to take charge of how its company is featured throughout all Google products and platforms, including its search engine results pages, reviews, mapping, and instant content.

    Because Google dominates local search results, your business should maximize the potential to be a leader in search engine ranking by optimizing your GMB profile and utilizing the many features it offers. With an estimated 80 percent of consumers seeking out local business information on mobile devices, Google My Business represents the most comprehensive means for brick-and-mortar businesses to attract and retain clients.

    Google My Business has evolved over time and will undoubtedly continue to add new features that will help drive future online marketing efforts. GMB started by helping small businesses manage their online presence and customer reviews, and has since expanded its functions to allow companies to create their own posts, engage with customers through messaging, utilize GMB insights to develop successful marketing plans, and so much more.

    During more than five years of working with dealers in the foodservice industry, Place1SEO discovered that many dealers were not optimizing or even using this valuable tool at all. This is understandable because Google can be a difficult platform to navigate, making it a hassle for dealers who need to devote their valuable time to the operational management of their businesses. Place1SEO encourages its dealers to take advantage of this value-adding asset and incorporate its features into their marketing tool belt, with a portal that both easily updates their GMB profile and filters the reporting from GMB in a more digestible manner for the dealers.

    Why should I pay Place1SEO to access my GMB account when it is free for me to do so on my own?

    Place1SEO is offering a simplified and guided GMB experience, designed to save your business time. The GMB package is a low-cost marketing portal tool designed to help our local dealers gain a competitive edge, whether you have a large showroom or a small brick-and-mortar establishment. We will do the research and guide you through the important features that will help you focus on remaining competitive in a growing online search marketplace. You will still need to dedicate a person on your team to stay current with the content within GMB, but we will guide you and remind you about missing information or new features. If you already manage your GMB in-house, consider allowing your in-house team to utilize Place1SEO’s GMB portal experience, which should save you time and money by offering GMB specifically tailored to the needs of your industry.

    What is different about Place1SEO’s GMB experience and the free GMB App?

    Place1SEO is using Google’s application programming interfaces (API) to pull in only those pieces of GMB that foodservice dealers should consider using and interacting with. Not only does this serve as a streamlined and more efficient GMB, but Place1SEO will continually customize the GMB experience based on current trends to continuously optimize the marketing efforts of our foodservice dealers. If your business is already participating in Place1SEO’s suite of online marketing tools, you should consider adding this feature. You will have one login to access GMB along with your other Place1SEO marketing tools.



    What is the social media package and why does my business need it?

    Place1SEO's social media package will provide your business with consistent and professional branding across your social media platform including: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This package includes one weekly post to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Our graphic design team will create imagery and our social media professionals create the content to link social posts back to your website. You will be able to view your social media reporting from your Place1SEO dealer portal. Your portal will also provide a section for you to add in-house content and imagery at your convenience, for our team to utilize in your social media strategy. This package includes one weekly post to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Our graphic design team will create the post images and our social media professionals will create the content to link back to a landing page on your website. You will be able view your social media reporting from your Place1SEO dealer portal. Your portal will also provide a section for you to add in-house content and images at your convenience to be used in social media.


    Why can’t I have someone in my business manage my social media presence?

    You can, and you should! The Place1SEO social media package should be considered the marketing baseline in your efforts to build awareness on social platforms. We will optimize your social profiles and create posts consistently that link back to your website. Even when you are exceptionally busy with operational management, we will always be there to create that weekly post, but when you have time you should also engage. Sharing images from recent projects and following your clients will grow your audience. You will gain followers and encourage engagement by posting images and news about products and events. In fact, you should always encourage your team to post as you bring in new vendors, open a new showroom or just have fun with staff event pictures.



    What are Google Ads and why does my company need it?

    In the summer of 2018 Google rebranded its well-known “AdWords” service as the newly refined “Google Ads.” The rebranding represents a foreword thinking strategy to better incorporate the many new and innovative features into their advertising suite. Google is focused on offering small businesses the same marketing opportunities as larger ecommerce websites. Small businesses are growing, which is allowing their marketing budgets to grow as well. While small businesses may not have the budget to compete on a national level with giant companies like Webstaurant for industry specific keyword phrase ads, Google has made it easier for small businesses to compete on the local level.

    Google’s mission is to deliver the most relevant search results to its users. Mobile device searching has grown tremendously in recent years, leading to a significant rise and interest in local search functionality. This has led Google to extend its services to help small businesses get found easier when a user searches for phrases like “restaurant supplies near me.” Such local searching puts large e-Commerce websites at a disadvantage, while providing small local businesses an edge when a user is looking for a showroom “near me.” While Google offers many tools for all businesses to optimize visibility for online search results, Google Ads are among the most effective means for small businesses to compete for first-place ranking utilizing a paid-for ad.

    More than 80 percent of search results are displayed with paid-for ads covering over 85 percent of the space above the fold on the 1st page of displayed search results, proving that ads are being used more often as part of a well-diversified marketing strategy. While SEO is still an important long-term strategy for organic (natural) search result ranking, Google Ads is an option that quickly places your small business on the first page of results utilizing strategically targeted paid-for ads.


    What is included in the Place1SEO basic Google Ad package?

    Google Ads is a paid for advertising service with a large learning curve. Because you’re paying by the click, it’s possible to spend a lot of money very quickly. Take the guess work out of your campaign efforts with Place1SEO’s basic local Google Ads package. As industry experts, we will set up your local Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign with carefully selected keyword phrases and customize your target audience to maximize results while minimizing costs. This start-up package is geared towards driving traffic to your site and your company. Focusing on your showroom and website, our start-up pay-per-click (PPC) package will focus on brand recognition, sales, and specials. We are happy to plan out a more diverse ad structure, focusing on specific product lines or vendors, but we are limiting the scope of this type of package to help dealers get started with ads, see the ROI, and grow more comfortable with them before expanding into additional advertising channels.


    Which type of ads are included in the basic local Google PPC Ad package and what are my options?

    This pay-per-click package consists of local-only expanded text ads and responsive search ads. These ads also include the following ad extensions: Location, Call, Sitelink, and Call-outs. This service's associated cost covers the management fee, and you will also have a cost paid directly to Google for the ads themselves. Your Ad budget paid directly to Google is discretionary- at minimum of $300 and a maximum of $500 per month. Our Google Ad campaigns will target those users within your market area and exclude those outside of your selling range, making sure that the money you spend is being directed at the users who are most likely to do business with your company.

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