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Comprehensive SEO Audits With A Professional SEO Company

What an SEO Audit can do for you

Is your business not ranking on major search engines the way it should? Place1SEO is a leader for Search Engine optimization, website design, and online marketing. Place1SEO can audit and create a dynamic strategy to maximize your visibility online.

Website Structure
  • Determine if your branding is consistent throughout your website.
  • Detect and compile common crawl errors like duplicate content, server errors, and missing meta information.
  • Establish if your hosting, server, domain and website follow proper security criteria.
  • Diagnose your mobile and site readiness and speed testing.
  • Determine if your website is optimized through the use of schema coding.
  • Perform page analysis of your website page structure including design structure, coding, meta information, headings, content, and more.

The Importance of Local Brand Awareness

A company’s branding is a critical factor in marketing and even more so in virtual marketing. Google calculates a domain and page authority from information it gathers from various sources your business is connected to. A component of the calculation is how accurate, popular, and respected your company is. Local brand awareness encompasses citations, profile directories, website pages, blogs, and social media as well as other resources. Your company information should be consistently accurate so that it is easily identifiable to both search engines and customers. When your brand becomes visible on multiple platforms and those citations link back to your website, your website will ranks higher in SERP’s.

Local Brand Awareness
  • Ascertain your company's client reviews on highly rated review sites like Google+, Yelp, Yellowpages and industry specific sites.
  • Determine the consistency of company information throughout many local and professional listings.
  • Determines if you have duplicate social media profiles or listings.
Link Building
  • Audit the effectiveness of your current SEO link metrics.
  • Research for a linkbuilding campaign.
  • Diagnose internal linkbuilding.
  • Diagnose external linkbuilding.

The Importance of Social Media Syndication

Social Media contributes to the page ranking equation for your business. A social media following shows trust and an interest in the content you deliver. This trust is added to the search algorithm when determining the value of the information your website delivers. Therefore growing a social network has become a priority in virtual advertising and lead generation.

Facebook – Twitter – Google+ – Pinterest – YouTube

Social Media Syndication
  • Review of social media accounts and their profiles
  • Consistent branding design, profile information, and page content
  • Code your website with Social Media developer code
  • Create Social Media advertising campaigns
  • Deliver social media posts that align with a keyword phrase strategy for seasonal or market trends.
    • Increase impressions
    • Increase Likes and Shares
    • Increase link clicks to website pages

Why choose Place1SEO for an SEO Audit?

If you aren’t ranking the way you should, let Place1SEO audit your website! We can provide comprehensive, well-documented SEO audit results that will increase your online visibility and so much more. Let’s make this happen, contact us at (239) 228-8837 or through our online contact form.

Contact Place1SEO today for more information on how we can improve your rankings and make your services more visible for your (potential) clients. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Get a Greater Return on Your Marketing Investment

You want a marketing program that produces consistent results. At Place1SEO we will tailor an online marketing solution that meets your business objective while staying within your marketing budget. We offer competitive rates for marketing plans which include disciplined processes that produce results. You know that online marketing is the key to building a successful business or medical practice. We strive to provide your company with the best possible marketing partnership, one who take the time to learn about your particular business practices. At Place1SEO, we cherish learning about your organization and how you serve others, so that we can customize a winning promotional plan for you. Our expert staff of technical and creative specialists will analyze your organization and regional market to craft a strategy that hits all the right points and speaks to all the right people. Contact us today, and discover for yourself why Place1SEO is one of the most sought after firms in the medical marketing field.

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