Targeted Pay-per-click Advertising with Google Ads

Google Ads

While the landscape of pay-per-click and search engine advertising can be confusing and difficult to navigate, an expertly targeted Google Ads campaign can be an efficient and effective advertising tool for any business. Formerly branded as “AdWords,” the recently rebranded “Google Ads” has been refined to better offer advertising space that is tailored to your budget. Our team focuses on “localized searching,” which is especially effective with when our clients go head-to-head with the ecommerce giants of the industry. Our industry specific keyword research is designed to make sure the users who click on your ads are those most likely to make a purchase, or even become lifelong customers!

Pay Per Click advertising for restaurant dealers

What Our Google Ads Services Include:

  • A robust initial set-up, fine-tuning your account for your local market
  • An intricate live reporting site where you can see KPI’s for every dollar spent
  • Refined local digital targeting, hitting the areas that matter most
  • Optimal Google call ad placement, to get those phones ringing
  • A whole set of Google Ad Extensions including site links, location and call extensions. Which drive more traffic to your carefully tailored ads
  • Carefully cultivated ad copy that speaks directly to your consumer

With long-standing experience with the food service industry and Google’s advertising programs, Place1SEO carefully selects keyword phrases tailored to attract the local target audience to achieve maximum returns with the least cost. Place1SEO strives to ensure that your strategically targeted Google Ads campaign will bring your equipment and supplies to the first page of results. Our Local Ad Pay-per-click packages focus on quality leads and increased traffic to your site, with the option of adding additional services, that are sure to increase sales. If your business is ready to target your local market online, sign up today!

Pay per click services with Place1SEO

Place1SEO’s Google Ads Service Begins With:

Onboard + Optimize

  • Ad account and billing setup
  • Campaign creation for the foodservice industry
  • Location targeting and other key performance settings

Monthly Management

  • Keyword adjustments to optimize the ROI
  • Audience optimization based on ad behavior
  • Adjust bid strategies to maximize conversions
  • Industry trends analysis to match benchmarks
  • Monthly reporting and comparison to dealer group averages

Additional Services

  • Google Shopping Ads- broader reach by putting your products in the Google Shopping spotlight.
  • Google Display Ads- less expensive costs per click means you reach more potential leads to build your business brand.
  • Remarketing Campaigns- remind people that have visited your website to complete a purchase by strategically positioning your ads to them.
  • Multiple locations- advertise multiple locations or a grand opening!

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