Targeted Pay-per-click Advertising with Google Ads

Google Ads

Google Ads campaign are one of the most cost efficient and practically effective advertising tools for any business in the 21st century. Formerly branded as “AdWords,” the recently rebranded “Google Ads” is a service that, at its core, provides better leads to businesses and sales teams than Organic Traffic can. Our team works with you to set a target market, locally focused that is especially effective when our clients go head-to-head with the ecommerce giants of the industry who do not have a local presence in your market. Our industry and location specific keyword research is designed to make sure the users who click on your ads are those most likely to make a purchase, or even become lifelong customers!

Pay Per Click advertising for restaurant dealers

What Our Google Ads Services Include:

  • A robust initial set-up, fine-tuning your account for your local market
  • Our top performing keywords from across the country, as well as local-specific terms.
  • An intricate reporting site where you can see KPI’s for your ad spend.
  • Smart bidding strategies that focus on clicks, conversions and/or top of page rate.
  • Optimal Google call ad placement, to get those phones ringing
  • Carefully cultivated ad copy that speaks directly to your consumer
  • Careful integration with other Place1SEO Marketing services to develop a full omnichannel presence online.

With long-standing experience with the Food Service Equipment industry and Google’s advertising programs, Place1SEO carefully selects keyword phrases tailored to attract the local target audience to achieve maximum returns with the least cost. Our history in this marketing medium has given us a developed a list of top performing keywords, evaluated nationally to see what is performing best for our industry. This review gives your account more insights for smart bidding and keyword placement than any one dealer could achieve on their own.

Place1SEO strives to ensure that your strategically targeted Google Ads campaign will bring your equipment and supplies to the first page of results. Our Local Ad Pay-per-click packages focus first on generating clicks, then finetuning those clicks to generate more quality leads, and then looks to dominate top of page impressions, drowning out ads from major ecommerce competitors. If your business is ready to target your local market online, sign up today!

Pay per click services with Place1SEO

Place1SEO’s Google Ads Service Begins With:

Onboard + Optimize

  • Ad account and billing setup
  • Campaign creation for the foodservice industry
  • Location targeting and other key performance settings

Monthly Management

  • Keyword adjustments to optimize the ROI
  • Adjust bid strategies to maximize clicks, conversions and/or top of page impressions rates
  • Industry trends analysis to and FSE benchmarks

Additional Services

  • Google Shopping Ads- Broaden your reach by putting your promoting products in Google’s Shopping space. This is one of Googles fastest changing markets.
  • Google Display Ads- For businesses who need to increase their visibility in a new or existing market. This extremely cost effective advertising solution is billed by the 1000’s of views instead of clicks, and brings more intangible benefits to your marketing program.
  • Remarketing Campaigns- Remind people that have visited your website to complete a purchase by strategically positioning your ads to them. Works well in concert with Pay-Per-Click and Display Ads.

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