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Local Google Ads

While the landscape of pay-per-click and search engine advertising can be confusing and difficult to navigate for newcomers, an expertly targeted Google Ads campaign can be some of the most efficient and effective advertising dollars a small business can spend. Formerly branded as “AdWords,” the rebranded “Google Ads” has been refined to better offer small businesses the same marketing opportunities as larger e-commerce websites. Google Ads does this by focusing on “localized searching,” which is especially effective with the rise in mobile device online searching. We take advantage of these changes and use your advertising budget to zero in on your local area, ensuring that our campaigns encapsulate your targeted customer base. Our industry specific keyword research is designed to make sure the users who click on your ads are those most likely to make a purchase, or even become lifelong customers!

Pay Per Click advertising for restaurant dealers

Small businesses generally don’t have the budget to compete with nationally recognized companies like Webstaurant for industry specific keyword phrase ads; however, they can afford localized keyword phrase ads offered by Google Ads. Thus, Google Ads offers small businesses cost-effective keyword-based advertising with phrases like “restaurant supplies near me.” This gives small businesses an edge at the local level over their larger competitors.  

With long-standing experience with the food service industry and Google’s advertising programs, Place1SEO carefully selects keyword phrases tailored to attract the local target audience to achieve maximum returns with the least cost. Place1SEO strives to ensure that your strategically targeted Google Ads campaign will bring your small foodservice business to the first page of results. Our initial pay-per-click packages focus on brand recognition, sales, and specials, with the option to develop a more robust ad structure once dealers start seeing results and a return on investment. If your business is ready to target your local market online, sign up today!

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