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The Place1SEO team has a decade of experience helping business clients of all sizes and industries with website design and online marketing. Place1SEO applies an integrated approach to website development.

This approach includes research and competitive analysis. Decide an effective theme and design with a graphic design team to ensure an ideal user experience. After design finalization, we rigorously research your competitors and related search keywords which enables us to develop cohesive and quality long-form content. Then we structure the webpages for SEO and mobile responsiveness.

The first step to website design is research and competitive analysis, to ensure your website stays current with the industry. Then we decide on an effective design and theme with our graphic design department to create an ideal user experience. Once the design is finalized, we rigorously research your competitors and related search keywords so we can develop cohesive and quality long-form content. Finally, we structure the webpages for SEO and mobile responsiveness.

Here are some of the ways we can help you:

Mobile Friendly & Responsive Websites

Marketing for Today's Technology

Like most people, you may think a desktop PC is used mostly for web surfing, which is wrong. More than 64% of American adults own a smartphone, and most of them rely on it as their sole means of internet access. In March 2015, Google optimized its algorithm for SERP's to include Mobile Friendly testing. If your site is not optimized for viewing on smartphones and other mobile devices, you will be frustrating prospects and sending them to competitors, which can cost you conversions.

A responsive website resizes its layout based on the size of a readers screen. A responsive site design will increase your visibility in search engines rankings, since there is now only one landing site and no redirects. You no longer need to invest in a mobile website and a desktop website. You will have just one site on which you can track user paths and conversion funnels instead of analyzing redirects between two websites. A responsive site will boost your conversions; since prospects aren’t redirected, they will have a consistent, comfortable user experience that will lead to more sales and less bounces.

CMS Systems for Website Design & eCommerce

Built to grow with your business

Joomla | Wordpress | Magento

We implement website design using Content Management Systems (CMS) so that your business has the flexibility to grow and add on modules and components as the opportunities arise. The key to effective virtual|online marketing is consistently adding fresh, quality content. A well-built foundation simplifies the evolving process of content curation.


We can build you a responsive and intelligent ecommerce site using Magento by eBay. Your site will be scalable; you can add products and services as your business expands. Magento allows you to showcase products using various features like:

  • New Products
  • Featured Products
  • Specials | Promotions
  • Category Specific
  • ...and so much more

Behind the scenes, Magento is a powerhouse of insight into your sales with analytics and tools to maximize sales order management. The reports section of Magento offers a wealth of sales fuel, as it displays most viewed products and sales data to further funnel your targeted market.

Place1SEO- SEO Company and Custom-Made Apps

With mobile device usage on the rise, businesses are considering Mobile App development as a way to create further efficiencies to their internal business processes and also as creative tools for current clients or potential clients. Mobile users demand information and entertainment instantly, and apps deliver. We can help you by designing a custom app for your business. A custom mobile app is a business asset that can gain client loyalty and streamline processes for employees.

Custom Built Database Software

Work Smarter, Not Harder with Custom Software:

Sometimes you can’t find “off-the-shelf” software that you can integrate into your operations without decreasing productivity. We offer customized software solutions that provide beneficial ways to organize and process data. Collect data virtually from anywhere and take advantage of technology to process and report this valuable information exactly the way your business needs it to be done.

  • Greater Efficiency: The software will be designed to address your company's unique culture and practices, unlike generic commercial software, so you, and your employees will learn it easily.
  • Scalability: As the business grows, we can modify your program for you which is cheaper than buying more licenses.
Contact Place1SEO today for more information on how we can improve your rankings and make your services more visible for your (potential) clients. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Get a Greater Return on Your Marketing Investment

You want a marketing program that produces consistent results. At Place1SEO we will tailor an online marketing solution that meets your business objective while staying within your marketing budget. We offer competitive rates for marketing plans which include disciplined processes that produce results. You know that online marketing is the key to building a successful business or medical practice. We strive to provide your company with the best possible marketing partnership, one who take the time to learn about your particular business practices. At Place1SEO, we cherish learning about your organization and how you serve others, so that we can customize a winning promotional plan for you. Our expert staff of technical and creative specialists will analyze your organization and regional market to craft a strategy that hits all the right points and speaks to all the right people. Contact us today, and discover for yourself why Place1SEO is one of the most sought after firms in the medical marketing field.

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